Our Services


Next Level Technologies Sdn Bhd (NLT) provides technical and management training to all levels of technical personnel in the healthcare industry. NLT’s close partnership with local and international clinical engineering practitioners coupled with the expertise of its own trainers has enabled NLT to offer training in the following areas.

Technical training on biomedical equipment

NLT offers specialized technical training on almost all types of biomedical equipment. All technical training includes a basic training on electrical safety testing as a common module which provides a basic knowledge on medical equipment safety.

Healthcare technology management

All managers within healthcare industry need to be fully aware of the procedures and requirements of managing healthcare technologies. A training module on healthcare technology management was developed to fulfil this need. It was developed based on the experience gained over the years while managing biomedical equipment maintenance in hospitals.

Risk, safety and quality management

Managing risks in healthcare environment would be a daunting task if not for the readily available literatures and guides on healthcare risks. The training covers four stages of risk management namely, risk identification, risk quantification, risk response and risk monitoring and control. It emphasizes heavily on the situation and impact of risk and safety within the healthcare environment. The module also covers aspects of quality management and delves on quality processes and monitoring.

Healthcare project management

Projects in healthcare industry need to be properly managed as overrun may be costly and most importantly it will create considerable disturbance to service deliverables. NLT provides training on healthcare project management encompassing the entire product lifecycle with case studies on best practices. It includes hospital visits to enhance the understanding of managing projects.

Design of radiotherapy facilities

Installation of radiotherapy equipment requires elaborate preparation for technical compliance. The training emphasizes on the design features, room requirements, shielding materials used and related calculations, etc.

Occupational Safety and Health (OSH)

NLT also offers training on occupational safety and health relevant to healthcare environment. The module does not only cover OSHA requirements but also ad-dresses issues raised by users and stake-holders. Next Level Technologies is also strategically positioned to leverage its close association with many prominent figures in clinical engineering field to provide professional advice to its customers. This close network has also enabled NLT to conduct customized training at a venue of choice.