Our Services


Next Level Technologies Sdn Bhd (NLT) is staffed with personnel who have been involved in the management of healthcare technologies for over a decade. The experience gained has greatly contributed to the knowledge pool and expertise and has helped NLT to provide ‘structure’ to its consultancy services. Among the consultancy services provided by NLT include :

A. Clinical Engineering Maintenance Management

Clinical engineering maintenance management consultancy offered by NLT covers the know-how of setting up a clinical engineering department within a hospital which could assist the hospital in providing a safe and conducive environment and promotes efficient utilization of biomedical equipment. The scope of the consultancy may include but not limited to the following:

  • Setting up procedures and process of biomedical engineering and facility maintenance activity.
  • Providing advice on test equipment requirements.
  • Providing advice on the level of compliance of the hospital’s clinical engineering and facility engineering activities to local and international requirements.
  • Recommendation on the level of technical staff required to support hospital’s maintenance department.



 B. Feasibility studies of healthcare engineering services

NLT conducts feasibility studies on various healthcare engineering services. Our recommendations are in-line with governing standards and best practices.

C. Medical equipment planning

As each area of clinical services requires different set of medical equipment population, NLT advices and plans for appropriate equipment to be used in hospitals. NLT also advices on space and design requirements to enable effective and efficient utilization of biomedical assets.

D. Assessment of key engineering services

  • CMMS Assessment

NLT conducts assessment on the hospital’s CMMS system and makes appropriate recommendations for improvement. The hospital’s current CMMS system is compared against established CMMS system in which shortfalls and area of improvement are highlighted to the hospital for remedial action.

  • Staff competency

The competency of hospital technical staff is important to ensure proper maintenance of biomedical and facility equipment. NLT provides assessment of staff competency, assessing staff on their areas of coverage and make appropriate suggestion for further training in weak areas.

  • Technical manpower adequacy

For technical manpower adequacy study, the hospital’s existing technical workload and the existing skill levels are identified. NLT analyses technical workload requirements to match with current staffing level, simultaneously proposing for the optimum number of staff for effective and efficient operation.

E. Radiology and radiotherapy technical services

Some clinical services require strict compliance to local statutory requirements due to the nature of their services. Radiology and radiotherapy services fall into this category. NLT helps the hospital to design, plan and equip hospital rooms with related radiology and radiotherapy equipment and advices customers on the need to monitor compliance in important areas of the services.