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Nexus, NLT’s Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) provides comprehensive coverage of maintenance data with excellent reporting format. Nexus strength includes the capability to capture facility-related assets. Nexus has a built-in nomenclature system to ease equipment classification and identification.


The Next Level Technologies’ surgical instruments represents a varied extent that cleverly and economically affiliates superiority items with process-orientated services. With stainless steel, tungsten carbide, titanium, custom made and high quality surgical instruments, NLT is pleased to offer extensive, first rate quality choices to meet the customer’s request specialized by surgical instruments type and speciality.  We also support every level of healthcare process by offering a services to sharpen and polishes to shield the NLT’s surgical instruments.

  1. Diagnostic / Preparation Instruments
  2. Scalpel Holders, Amputation Knives & Saws
  3. General Operating Scissors / T.C. Scissors
  4. Dressing & Tissue Forceps
  5. Haemostatic Forceps
  6. Needle Holders / T.C. Needle Holders
  7. Retractors
  8. Cardiovascular & Thoracic Instruments
  9. Orthopaedics
  10. Neurosurgery Instruments
  11. Ophthalmology Instruments
  12. Ear, Nose, Throat Surgery (ENT Surgery)
  13. Intestinal, Rectal Instruments & Urology
  14. Gynaecology/ Obstetrics Instruments
  15. Hollow Wares

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WDM was established in 1995 with healthcare business covering medical imaging equipment, mobile imaging equipment, medical image diagnostic service and X-ray tube production. WDM headquarter is located in High-Tech Industrial Park in Beijing, with two production bases in Beijing and Shanghai.

In Malaysia, Next Level Technologies Sdn. Bhd.(NLT) is the distributor and service agent for several of WDM DR models as listed below:-

  • HF50-R
  • New Oriental 1000MC
  • New Oriental 1000CA
  • New Oriental 1000DC


REDA Instrumente GmbH was formally incorporated in Tuttlingen, Germany with a combined in-house experience of more than 100 years. REDA Instrumente GmbH has achieved both the DIN ISO 9001 certification and DIN EN 46001 leading to the CE mark, by constantly adhering to Good Manufacturing Procedures. REDA Instrumente GmbH has established an excellent distribution network all over Europe, Latin America and USA.

REDA remains a key OEM instrument supplier to major instrument importers in the USA who continue to source for good quality surgical instruments made in Germany.

In October 1997, REDA Instrumente GmbH established a joint venture in Singapore known as REDA Instrumente Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, to service and support the Asia Pacific countries. REDA Instrumente Asia Pacific has been supplying leading hospitals and operating rooms in Asia with quality surgical instruments and surgical accessories. REDA also distributes disposable surgical wear, bandages, PVC and silicone tubing as well as customized surgical instruments, detergents and equipment.

REDA wide range of products for the surgical instruments includes:-

  • General Instruments
  • Cardiovascular Thoracic Instruments
  • Bone Surgery Instruments
  • ENT Instruments
  • Eye Instruments
  • Obstetrics and Gynaecology Instruments

REDA produces its own detergent for surgical instruments cleaning and maintenance.


Chison Ultrasound is one of the world’s leading ultrasound brand. With its know-how of transducer design, strong technical force of modern biomedical engineering, software & electronics, CHISON has specialized in the development & manufacturing of high quality ultrasound systems for 20 years .  It is ISO & CE certified by TUV in Germany.

Chison’s Ultrasound became popular in 140 countries, thanks its advanced technology, user-friendly design, strict quality control & life-time after-sales service. Annually, Chison have the new models with the latest technologies, which built with the most affordable high-tech ultrasound and keep the users stay on the leading-edge of ultrasound technology.

  1. QBit 9 provides you with an enjoyable and intuitive operating experience.
  2. Your complete solution for ultrasound diagnosis.
  3. Cardiovascular,OB&GYN,Radiology,Internal Medicine, Abdominal, Pediatric,MSK,Breast,Vascular and Small Parts,etc.
  4. Operating system is uncluttered and simple allowing you to provide fast accurate diagnosis.

CHISON Q9 powered by a brand-new ultrasound system platform with versatile capability designed to work in all clinical environments – from small clinics to large hospitals. Advanced imaging technology and configuration can meet all the clinical applications such as ABD, OB/GYN, small parts, musculoskeletal, cardiology, etc.

Apply ergonomical design principle allow user-friendly operation with minimum soft key entry. Multifunction keyboard, 15 inch LCD display, dual probe connectors, USB and DICOM connectivity make your diagnostic FAST and EASY, and allow you to focus more on your patients.



NC3 is specially designed for spot checking of patients vitals for important parameters such as NBIP, SPO2, temperature and Heart Rate. Using infrared Ear temperature measurement technology, the ear thermometer can quickly read the figure of temperature in ~ 2-3 seconds, as well as transfer and display the figure on monitor by the built-in WiFi between ear thermometer and vital signs monitor NC3. It combines with smart and aesthetic design having super li-ion battery and clear screen, totally meets the fastest support for hospital use.

C80 with leading ECG technology, anti-motion & week perfusion Sp02, technology as well as accurate NIBP measurement technology, Comen cooperate with world leading medical providers such as Masimo, Covidien, Respironics, Medic optimize C80 performances by configuring Etco2, AG, BIS, and noninvasive hemodynamic monitoring into one, helping you care even the most critical patients with professional assistance.


Founded in 1987 in Montpellier (France), SOMETHY aims at researching, manufacturing and improving  hydrotheraphy equipment. After years of research and testing regarding different finishing materials, the first modular pools made of acrylic were installed in 1982. Indeed, 95% of Somethy’s first pools are still in service today. Somethy’s technology is today used by the most renowned centers throughout the world, their knowledge is recognized and unchallenged.  SOMETHY provides quality, professionalism and flexibility with more than 34 years of experiences in the design, construction and maintenance service of the hydrotheraphy  pool system.

SOMETHY  medical pools are used for water activities such as baby swim, aqua building, aqua stretching, heart training, and exercises. Any hydrotheraphy pool can be built on the client own requirements with SOMETHY ALPHA kit, that includes 27 different pool sizes All their options are made to meet your requirements and also the client budget.

The “ESPACE” and “INTEGRA” pools can be fitted with one or more viewing panels on the same side. These transparent panels have a significant thickness, able to resist to the strong water pressure. They are perfectly integrated to the pool walls by an ingenious assembling of acrylic and projected composite materials. It allows the perfect control on the way the underwater exercise is performed, without any loss of visibility nor distortion.

The modular INTEGRA medical pool made of acrylic is perfectly designed for indoor use, with a water temperature above 30℃. its exclusive 100% acrylic interior facing, which SOMETHY has been using for more than 20 years, has proven its exceptional quality. Not only because of its easy cleaning process, it endures high temperature without any notable effects on its structure. It is normalized, and has health and safety label. Compared to other pool finishing materials, it is resistant to limescale (compared to tiling), osmosis (compared to polyester), and distension (compared to the liners). Furthermore, Somethy unique manufacturing process gives INTEGRA medical pool a high level of heat insulation.


Quality Invents, is incorporated in Italy in 2007. Over the last years, the company has consolidated its leadership position in the design, manufacturing, and marketing of water treatment machines, with a focus on the diagnostic field.

Thanks to its design center, Quality Invents is able to make ad-hoc systems for water treatment, according to the specifications and requirements of the client. Quality Invents S.R.L is certified according to the ISO 9001:2000 standard and is located in Arluno, near Milan, Italy.

Quality Invents offers several models such as:-

  • DIAⓇ2L – 120 liters/hour
  • DIAⓇM – 70 liters/hour
  • DIAⓇS – 35 liters/hour
  • microDIAⓇ – 3 liters/hour
  • miniDIAⓇ – 10 liters/hour
  • miniDIAⓇ Plus – 20 ~ 30 liters/hour
  • miniDIAⓇ Plus-T – 20 liters/hour


AnanoCoat ® is a nano coating solution that has the ability to reduce surface and airborne bacteria, fungal spores and VOC content in a building. The translucent solution can be applied on existing building material as final finishing to achieve the results. It works continuously and may last for 9 to 12 months.

product picture

Product feature:-

  • Continuously self-disinfect the surface and air from bacterial and fungal contamination
  • Kills and decomposes bacteria
  • Inhibits virus growth
  • Reduce fungal and spores
  • Reduce Volatile Organic Compound (VOC)
  • Reduce Ozone emissions
  • Lead free
  • Mercury free