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WAMTechnology specializes in custom software development projects and provides services related to the complete software development life cycle (SDLC). WAMTechnology was established in 1995 and has since undertaken many small, medium and large projects for local, national and international clients. Although key focus areas are public health and water information systems, WAMTechnology has been involved in many projects related to other sectors.

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CAHTMA is established to provide a platform for healthcare professionals to discuss and exchange ideas on healthcare technologies and practices. Central to these objectives are the promotion of best technology management practices, the certification of clinical engineering practitioner (CEP) and healthcare professionals, and the dissemination of appropriate management tools through seminars and workshops. CAHTMA develops standard for minimum requirement of knowledge and skills for clinical engineering practitioners and conducts internationally recognized examinations to certify them. Working with equipment manufacturers and other relevant authorities, CAHTMA also develops examinations to assess the competency of healthcare professionals in utilizing healthcare technologies.

CAHTMA offers three types of examination:

  • Certification of Clinical Engineering Practitioners
  • Certification of Clinical Engineering Training Centre
  • Certification of Clinical Engineering Assessors