Management Team

Azman Hamid has been in the line of biomedical equipment engineering maintenance for the past 25 years, earlier working as an engineer providing maintenance support to Toshiba medical equipment specializing in the area of ultrasound maintenance, CT scanners, MRI and X-ray systems. Azman is a certified trainer in clinical engineering.

Rofaif Saleh provides technical support to all products and services offered by Next Level Technologies Sdn Bhd and has been responsible for the management of its technical team undertaking contract work at several privates hospitals including local and oversea. He is also a training consultant to Next Level Technologies Sdn Bhd. He has been involved in the biomedical equipment maintenance of government hospitals in Malaysia for 15 years and is well experienced to handle biomedical equipment maintenance training and related issues. Rofaif received his formal education from University of Kuala Lumpur in Medical Electronics.

James O. Wear is a well-known figure in clinical engineering. He was a Managing Director at the Department of Veteran Affairs where he was responsible for the training of engineering and safety personnel in their 172 hospitals. He is currently the President of Scientific Enterprises Inc, a company that was incorporated in 1969 to provide consultation and training in clinical engineering, hospital engineering and hospital safety. The company has held workshops in clinical engineering and hospital safety in various locations in the United States as well as in Asia.

Amir Hamzah currently appointed as Head of BEM to lead a biomedical engineering team of NLT that based at site office in Putrajaya, Malaysia. He has more than 10 years experience in manage a team and hands on in biomedical equipment maintenance. Amir doubles as a trainer providing training on medical equipment and related matter.

Tajul Ariff is currently the leader for the biomedical engineering team in one of the project undertaken by NLT. He has 9 years experience in the field of biomedical engineering, specifically in the area of respiratory and imaging. Tajul has international biomedical engineering exposure with projects in Vietnam and China.